Marketing strategies and techniques are constantly evolving, so it is well worth investing time and resources to stay up to date. In 2019, marketing professionals such as Ajab Samrai noticed several strong trends, including the importance of content marketing in the B2B sector.

The most successful marketers offer educational assets, such as information-based blogs, white papers and quizzes, to nurture leads and build trust. Marketers should always aim to create content that is authoritative, highly-relevant, and has an educational message to inspire its audience.

Personalisation is another area where the majority of marketers could make improvements, as brands are now being encouraged to personalise every message they send. There are a number of ways to do this, but in 2020 personalisation should go beyond simply adding the customer’s first name to an email.

Automation is one way to create ads that dynamically change depending on the individual. Another strategy is to personalise opt-in ads based on the content that has just been read, as this guarantees a higher degree of relevance.

The best way to ensure effective personalisation is through behavioural segmentation. Therefore, marketers that are keen to pursue a greater degree of personalisation should invest time and resources into separating their audience members into different groups based on their behaviour (including first-time purchases, repeat purchases, abandoned carts, and page views without conversion).

Splitting an audience in terms of behaviour, rather than by demographic, enables marketing professionals to show the most relevant information, offers and promotions to each segment.

Similarly, the call to action (CTA) should be personalised and brands should invest in A/B testing to work out which CTA will produce the best possible results. It is also a good idea to use free email software to preview your email marketing, as this will allow you to see how emails will look when viewed via a number of different service providers.

Likewise, there are also tools that will run an A/B test to find the most effective blog post title for a specific audience.

Original research is another area where marketers should focus in 2020 as it can generate links from a range of reputable websites, and new data that is well-presented tends to be widely shared on social media.