YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, experiencing huge growth year on year. Over the past two years, with lockdowns and restrictions on travel imposed across large parts of the world, people have been increasing their time spent online even more. You can find some global statistics for YouTube users in the infographic attachment.

One previously niche area for video sharing that is taking off in a big way hails from Japan. Viewers around the world are tuning in and subscribing to YouTube channels featuring inspirational videos from Japanese natives – and from people from elsewhere currently living in Japan – sharing their experiences of the country.

Ajab Samrai – who worked and lived in Japan for five years – is a Chief Creative Officer in the advertising industry and has decades of experience working with video content. This article will share some of the top vloggers coming out of Japan over the past few years. You can check out the difference between vlogging and blogging by watching the embedded short video.

Sharla in Japan / Sharmeleon

Sharla is originally a Canadian who now lives in Japan and regularly posts videos across two YouTube channels, Sharla in Japan and Sharmeleon, taking viewers along on her journey. Popular playlists include a Shikoku travel series, learning to speak Japanese with Sharla and Fun Spots in Japan, which tours some of the best attractions and areas to visit in the country.

Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan is a YouTube channel created by British vlogger and blogger Chris Broad, who shares his experiences of his life and work in Japan with his subscribers. Broad brings a humorous and engaging style to the table, with a series of fun and informative videos about life in Japan.

Hajime Shacho

Hajime Shacho is a Japanese native broadcasting videos of himself partaking in tests and challenges, filming pranks, and playing live games. Shacho loosely translates into English as ‘boss’ or ‘president’. Hajime is so popular that YouTube now uses him as the face of its advertising campaign in Japan.

Yuka Kinoshita

Competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita shares videos of herself devouring meals with calorie counts often reaching 23,000 calories. Her channel is popular with women, who say watching her feels like eating dinner with a friend. Although her videos are in Japanese, Yuka also posts English subtitles for a global audience.

The attached PDF looks at the benefits of using YouTube.