There are many different forms, types and methods of communication available to businesses that wish to connect with their customers, including branded video content, advertorials, banner ads, branded chat rooms and sponsored websites, not to mention the huge number of more traditional marketing methods.

Online advertising is any advert that is seen on the internet, whether it’s sponsored content, a digital ad or a social media campaign. Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of online advertising, allowing companies and brands to buy ad space on Google’s search engine results pages, using the keywords and search terms that best relate to their businesses, products and services.

Social media marketing has become increasingly popular with every type of business over the past decade, as it typically has very low costs. However, social media does require a significant amount of time and resources to build a strong presence and following. All forms of digital advertising, no matter the channel, require detailed research to accurately target a specific audience, as the targeting process is what differentiates social media marketing from other ‘broader’ methods of advertising.

Print advertising is much less popular than digital advertising – as it typically is more expensive and less targeted – yet it is still an effective form of marketing for many brands and products. There are three main types of print advertising: periodical advertising, which involves ads that are placed in magazines and newspapers; leaflets, brochures and flyers, which are another form of print advertising suitable for products and services that need to convey lots of detailed information; and direct mail advertising, which is highly effective when done properly (quickly becoming ‘junk mail’ when done badly).

Further tools and options that marketing professionals – like Chief Creative Officer Ajab Samrai – have to hand include guerrilla advertising, broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising, public service advertising and product placement advertising. Pubic speaking events, event sponsorships and event appearances are other effective forms of marketing, as are local and national television adverts and targeted radio adverts.

The key to successful marketing is to find the right form and channel of advertising for the specific brand, product, service or business. The best form of advertising is the one that suits both the business and its advertising budget, as well as its existing and potential customers.