#7 Okazaemon

A prime example of creepy-cute. Dressed in a full-body white jumpsuit with his signature afro and unsettling stare, this mascot has filled the public with a mixture of horror and delight and represents Okazaki City in the Aichi Prefecture.

#8 Chiitan

After releasing slapstick videos similar to that of the cast of Jackass, this Japanese mascot was mistaken for Shinjokun. Self-described as a “newborn fairy baby” genderless otter, wearing a turtle as a hat, Chiitan was once the self-declared unofficial representative...

#9 Yachinyan

This mascot is a cute cat character, that dresses in traditional Asian clothing. Yachinyan was created to attract tourists to the Yonbancho Square shopping street in Hikone in the Shiga prefecture.

#10 Chicchai Ossan

One of Japan’s regional mascots from Amagasaki in Hyogo prefecture, Chicchai Ossan, whose real name is Shinichi Sakata, is a middle-aged Japanese man, has become one of Japan’s favorite pop culture characters and is the first speaking character.